Quality printed tissue paper, London

A luxury brand deserves a luxury finish and that is what Impact Tissue achieves for London brands with quality printed tissue paper packaging.

High end products, bespoke designs and thoughtful giftware deserve packaging that reflects the attention to detail that has gone into their creation.

Impact Tissue uses traditional silkscreen printing to get the best definition and strongest colours on fine tissue paper. Companies in London looking to drive home a message of luxury and exclusivity around their brand will find the answer in quality printed tissue paper.

Wrapping a product in bespoke tissue paper makes taking delivery of the item a sensory experience that will linger – and encourage customer loyalty through driving home the impression of quality through high impact presentation.

For brands in London quality printed tissue paper will ensure their product stands out with packaging that spells out luxury and attention to detail, while exuding added value.

Impact Tissue creates bespoke tissue paper in small print run options which are ideal for tailored quality printed tissue paper packaging for London businesses.

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How can I order printed tissue paper in London?

Ordering quality printed tissue paper in London is simple and straightforward with Impact Tissue, with extra support available every step of the way.

Just follow this 7-step process:

  • Choose a ream quantity (480 sheets per ream size 500mm x 750mm)
  • Choose a tissue weight (Soft MG 22grm or MF 17grm)
  • Choose either Super White, Black, Silver or Gold Inks
  • Select a layout
  • Share your logo with us as a high-resolution vector eps. file
  • Enter delivery details
  • Order

Impact Tissue is dedicated to meeting the bespoke needs of companies in London which want to use quality printed tissue paper to enhance their product and are available to discuss all needs and options.

In the case of larger orders of more than four reams (1920 sheets), we ask customers to call us to discuss the requirements, while bespoke colours can be used at an additional cost. Should there be any problems with the reproduction of logos a member of our team will be happy to help.

Customers need to be aware that ink coverage is limited to 20% of the tissue paper as a result of its delicate construction.

Impact Tissue uses acid-free tissue paper from sustainable sources, available in more than 70 different colour shades in the very fine Soft MG 22grm tissue. The MF 17grm, is available in white, gold or silver metallic.

Make your product stand out from the crown in London with quality printed tissue paper packaging that will deliver a taste of luxury deserving of your product.

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Why choose Impact Tissue?

Impact Tissue uses silkscreen printing, which is a traditional craft method that delivers superior results when creating quality printed tissue paper for London.

Great attention to detail goes into this handcrafted method allowing stronger ink definition and more vibrant tones in the design. Less ink is lost during the process to improve colour strength as well as offering a superior pantone match.

Silkscreen printing differs from the more common flexography printing, which while faster, cannot offer the same depth of colour and design detail.

Carry quality through to the very end by delivering your product in quality printed tissue paper to create an experience consumers will not forget.

Impact Tissue enjoys working with a number of high-end product-related businesses, drop-ship organisations and logistics and packaging companies.

  • Make the most of quality printed tissue paper, London

Impact Tissue can bring an added layer of luxury to a wide range of products by providing quality printed tissue paper to London businesses.

Choose bespoke tissue paper wrapping to give a luxurious finish to the following products:

    • Clothing
    • Lingerie
    • Cosmetics
    • Glassware
    • Collectables
    • Art
    • Jewellery
    • Personalisedgifts
    • Cuddly toys
    • Candles
    • Wine, gin, rum
    • Pottery

    Take care of every last detail to give customers the very best purchasing experience – and to win their loyalty – by choosing quality printed tissue paper.

    For quality printed tissue paper in London contact Impact Tissue on 07527 590009 or complete the enquiry form.

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