Quality printed tissue paper delivered UK-wide

At Impact Tissue we offer the best quality printed tissue paper using the traditional handcrafted method of silkscreen printing, available in short runs and UK-wide delivery.

A gift or product carefully wrapped in printed tissue, branded with your logo, is a simple attention to detail process that shows you care. It also adds a level of luxury and exclusivity to the product that helps to build a loyal customer base.

Use Impact Tissue’s custom-made printed tissue paper to help:

  • Increase the perception of value
  • Build an exclusive brand
  • Create immediate impact
  • Make a memorable moment
  • Nurture a loyal customer base

We specialise in small print run quantities – ideal for sampling delicate tissue as part of your packaging process or for bespoke high-value purchases.

Exceptional printed tissue paper that sends a signal of quality.

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How can I order printed tissue paper?

Ordering branded tissue paper is simple.

Follow the seven-stage process and your brand new tissue paper will be received in no time:

  • Choose a ream quantity (480 sheets per ream size 500mm x 750mm)
  • Choose a tissue weight (Soft MG 22grm or MF 17grm)
  • Choose from Super White, Black, Silver or Gold Inks
  • Choose a print layout
  • Supply you logo as a high-resolution vector eps. file
  • Complete your delivery details
  • Hit the order button to complete your purchase
A few minor details to make you aware of:
  • For orders larger than four reams (1920 sheets) please call us
  • Ink coverage is limited to 20% of the tissue paper due to the delicate nature of the material
  • Bespoke colours are available at an additional cost
  • We are able to assist with logo reproduction

We use only acid-free tissue paper that is derived from sustainable sources. Over seventy different colour shades are available in the Soft MG 22grm tissue a delicate translucent tissue. A MF 17grm, is available in white, or gold or silver metallic.

All shades offer a stunning representation for branded tissue paper packaging.

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Why you should choose Impact Tissue

Impact Tissue is not the only printed tissue manufacturer out there but we are one of the few companies to maintain the traditional methods of silkscreen printing. This technique is handcrafted and involves a greater level of care and attention when it comes to handling the delicate tissue paper and applying the colours.

Silkscreen printed tissue paper achieves:
  • Far superior ink definition for crisp colours
  • Greater clarity of intricate artwork
  • Less evaporation of ink to maintain bold colours
  • Better matching of specific Pantone colour references
  • A personal touch using traditional techniques

Silkscreen printing uses extremely durable inks that produce excellent colour intensity whereas the more common flexography printing is quicker to print but lacks colour depth and sharpness.


Why risk a wishy-washy representation of your brand?

We work in partnership with many high-end product-related businesses, drop-ship organisations and logistics and packaging companies.

What can printed tissue paper be used for?

Receiving a product is an exciting event for a customer and its packaging should be part of a luxury experience that grabs attention and creates a connection. Printed tissue paper can enhance a brand in almost any marketplace and is ideal for:

  • Lingerie
  • Candles
  • Glassware
  • Jewellery
  • Makeup
  • Skincare products
  • Spa vouchers
  • High-end antiques and collectables
  • Clothing
  • Art and pictures
  • Photography
  • Personalised gifts
  • Teddy bears
  • Leather goods – wallets, purses, bags, belts
  • Pottery
  • Beer, wine and spirits

Encourage customers to see your brand offers a quality that is worth being loyal to by wrapping products in bespoke printed tissue paper – keeping you front of mind.

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