How to order

Ordering tissue should be an easy process, and we are here to help you, every step of the way.

At Impact Tissue we have 5 key Stages to ensure you have the bespoke Tissue your product and brand deserves.

Stage 1: Quantities and Turn Around

We supply quantities in ‘ream’ format, 480 sheets.

A ream is ‘a large quantity of something’ usually paper.

We print bespoke tissue, and for that reason, small amounts are our speciality. This allows you to keep your cash flow and stocks under control and reduce waste.

We start at 1 ream (480sheets) 2 reams (960 sheets)

If you need more, that is not an issue as three and four ream orders (1440 & 1920) can be supplied by arrangement.

For larger bulk quantities contact us to discuss.

We can turnaround bespoke tissue in 5 to 10 days on 1 to 2 reams from approval of artwork.

Stage 2: Tissues

At Impact Tissue we only use the best tissue for our printing. Soft MG 22grm

We use Soft MG 22grm acid-free tissue from sustainable sources are available in over 70 colour shades.

We firmly believe in protecting the environment, and as such we only use tissue that we have ensured is from a sustainable source.

We also use crisp MF 17grm acid-free white tissue and gold and silver metallic tissue which provides a stunning finish to enhance your branding.

Our papers sizes are approximately 500mm x 750mm.

Stage 3: Ink

Your brand deserves to be showcased using the best quality ink so you can shine in the eyes of the consumer.

Your brand is special, and as such we use Super White, Black, Silver and Gold Inks as standard and are these are included within the print package.

Pantone colour matchings are available on request at an extra cost.

We can supply Pantone colour matchings on request at an additional charge.

There is a maximum ink coverage allowance of 20% on the tissue.

Stage 4: Artwork

We will work with your brand and logo, however, should you require any support with this, we are more than happy to help with logo design.

Stage 5: Printing Layout

At Impact Tissue we use three types of layout for our designs. We have found that these layouts produce the best quality ‘look’ for your brand. However

However, if you wish to create your own layout we can help you with this

To ensure you are happy with the result, we will supply a printout of your logo in the requested format for your approval, prior to printing.

Our 5 stage process ensures you get the quality you deserve.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements,

Layout examples for bespoke printed tissue paper.