Our Mission

"I can produce stronger colours and sharper designs because of the process"

James Jarrad

Presentation is everything

Our mission is to produce quality printed tissue paper that enhances the product experience enjoyed by your customers.

The founder of Impact Tissue is James Jarrad. James is a Master Printer with more than 40 years' experience in the industry. Based in Longton, one of the six towns of Stoke-on-Trent, Impact Tissue is ideally situated to deliver printed tissue paper to every part of the UK.

We print every sheet of tissue paper by hand, a custom-made wrapping solution for your products.

We use a screen printing process.

This is a traditional technique, often seen as an art form because it demands skill and precision. First of all, we create a type of stencil, or 'screen' on a fine mesh. Then we use this screen to apply ink on to the tissue paper in layers.

Generally, screen printed personalised tissue paper has certain advantages over other types of printing:

  • It is the best method for designs with a high level of vibrancy, thus ensuring that your logo or message really stands out
  • We apply ink in thicker layers, resulting in brighter colours
  • The clarity of your logo really stand out



Maximising Brand Quality

We concentrate on smaller quantity runs, using only one or two reams of tissue (a ream = 480 sheets.) Therefore you can order in a smaller quantity to suit the needs of your business. Although of course we are happy to talk to you about larger quantities, just call us to discuss your options!

We love working closely with our clients to ensure that their brand personality is maximised throughout the process. Many years of print experience means Impact Tissue is uniquely qualified to show you how printed tissue paper adds value to every customer’s journey.

Impact Tissue and the Environment

We care about the environment. Our processes only use tissue paper from sustainable sources. In addition, we only use acid-free tissue, removing the worry of marks on your products.

We ensure that our tissue paper meets the highest ethical and quality standards. So, you don’t have to worry about the effects of any negative environmental messages on your brand and reputation.

Our supplier is a member of the SEDEX ethical sourcing organisation and furthermore is committed to the principles established by the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code.