Impactive Tissue Consultation

You have a product and you have an audience, but do you have an experience?

The founder of Impact Tissue James Jarrad has over 40years of tissue design and printing experience behind him and now he can help you to position your product to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction using bespoke branded tissue.

James is available to consult with your business or organisation to show you how bespoke branded tissue can add value to what you do.

James has consulted with a wide variety of industries. From museums that have precious displays they wish to promote to expensive goods, jewellery, designer clothes and many other industries and products.

Using bespoke tissue you can maximise your brand in ways you never thought possible and James is here to guide you in crafting a beautiful product experience for consumers.

Increasing Product Value

You have poured your heart and soul into your product and spent hours designing and crafting an item that will make your customer happy.

But you do not want to just achieve customer happiness; you want your product to impact onto the client’s memory to such an extent they become a raving fan and repeat purchaser.

So how do you achieve this?

Through careful planning throughout the customer journey and the most impactive area of that journey is the ‘unwrapping’.

This moment is key to everything because you know that the customer is not buying a product they are buying a benefit and every product has a benefit hidden within and it is those benefits that the customer values most.

At Impact Tissue we are experts at increasing the perceived benefit value of your product, and we offer consultation that will enhance your brand and business through the development of an exceptional ‘unwrapping’ experience that your customers will cherish forever.

It Is Not Only Tissue, It Is Branding At A Tactile And Visual Level

Some might say ‘but it is only tissue’. This is a mistake as for hundreds of years tissue has been used to enhance products. There is a unique quality that tissue brings to any purchase or gift, it implies care and value. It says that this product was crafted carefully and it was wrapped to keep it safe and preserve that value.

But there are other uses of tissue that few consider. It allows products to be captured by photograph and still maximise value using tissue as a placement for that product, you can see this in our website photographs.

Tissue also supports branding on a tactile level. It is where a person can truly hold your brand in their hands as they unwrap your product. Over the last 40 years, James Jarrad has worked with every type of tissue you could imagine and he knows what tissue is best for every type of scenario.

James truly has a lifetime of experience  in using tissue to enhance a brand or product and he is here to help you.

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The consumer journey is a personal one and the value that they place on your product and brand is based within their mind and not yours.

For this reason, you need to maximise the product at every opportunity to reduce buyer remorse and ensure value is never questioned.

Now is the time to learn how bespoke tissue printing can help you. Please get in touch via our contact page to discuss how we can help you.