About Impact Tissue Printing

Impact Tissue Printing is a bespoke tissue printing service located in the town of Longton in Stoke-on-Trent.

Impact Tissue was created by James Jarrad, a master printer with over 40 years experience in the industry.

Our mission is to create high-quality bespoke tissue that will enhance and raise the perception of value of your products

Maximise Your Brand At The Key Consumer Moment

Our attention is fought for on a daily basis but right now you have the undivided attention of the consumer. They are just about to open your product and their eyes are firmly focused on your product.

For this reason, your brand needs to be visible at the moment your consumer unwraps your product.

Our bespoke tissue printing will place your brand directly in front of the consumer creating a long lasting impact even before they experience your goods.

It Is All About Value

If you value a product or gift you will treasure that item forever. A shirt that has a higher perceived value will be considered a person’s ‘best shirt’. A present that was purchased for a special occasion will be remembered for years to come and an item of jewellery that was bought to show that special person you love them will be adored for years to come.

You want your consumer to value your products and how they are packaged is key to raising the internal perception of value.

Our bespoke tissue printing is specifically developed to enhance your product.

Gifts wrapped with bespoke printed tissue add a layer of tactile pleasure to the customer experience that implies value, it tells the consumer that you love your product and care how it is wrapped

Packaging That Implies Care

What an item is wrapped in makes a difference to how we care for items. By using bespoke tissue you tell your customer that your product is delicate, that your product is valuable and that your product was made with care.

Impact Tissue has worked with brands in a wide range of fields from Jewellers, Museums, Hotels, Restaurants, Craft Breweries, Ceramic Manufacturers and many more.

If your product is special and deserves that extra care we can help you.