Bespoke Tissue Printing That Increases The Perception Of Value

Value is a perception that a customer builds internally towards your product, brand or business. Over the course of 40 years, Impact Tissue has learned that you only get one chance to make an initial impact on a customer and our bespoke tissue creates a first impression that adds value and elegance to any product it wraps.

A Bespoke Process That Ensures Your Brand Makes A Big Impact On The Consumer

You have spent time, money and maybe even shed a tear or two to create a brand and product that people will love. For this reason, you deserve your business to be represented at the highest levels, at every stage of the customer journey. As the customer unwraps their gift or purchase you want to make this a memorable moment.

For this reason, we use a unique process which combines up to 70 colour shades that when printed on our luxurious and crisp, acid-free tissue helps to make your brand identity stand out in the mind of your consumer

The Highest Quality Tissue From Sustainable Sources

At Impact Tissue we care about the environment and for that reason, we only use tissue that is from sustainable sources.

Our tissue meets the highest ethical and quality standards to provide a bespoke tissue solution that emphasises the quality and values of your brand

We Work With You To Craft An Unforgettable Customer Experience

Your customer has your product in their hands and it is at this time your product journey concludes.

All of the hours of hard work comes to this key moment of truth and for that reason you want your brand to stand out. You have the customers undivided attention and now you have the chance to be remembered.

Our bespoke service crafts only one or two reams of tissue which allows us the time to work with you to ensure the customer experience and brand identity is maximised.

This means you will be able to order tissue in smaller quantities that suits your business needs