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How Bespoke Printed Tissue Can Greatly Enhance Your Jewellery Brand

Our lives are a series of snapshots, our memories are moments in time.  

Each memory can stay with us for a lifetime and it is because of this that jewellery holds such a special place in our hearts.

Each moment we give a loved one the gift of jewellery, it is an opportunity for us to make our dearest feel precious, valued and loved.

We treasure the memories that make us smile and remember the parts of our journey when we’ve felt cared for and special.

That’s the power of truly beautiful jewellery.

Since civilisation began, we’ve adorned ourselves with the prettiest and rarest metals and stones.  Whether acquired for ourselves or received as a gift, we all recognise the ability of the finest jewellery to make us feel great.

Love At First Sight

The moment we first see a new piece of jewellery forms an indelible impression – one that can last a lifetime. 

Capturing and enhancing that first magical moment, the surge of positive emotions your customer experiences when they unwrap your jewellery is crucial to your business’s success.  

That moment in time provides you with one chance to make a lasting impression.  Unwrapping your jewellery demands to be an exciting part of the overall customer journey; one that evokes powerful, positive emotions.

Your customer’s sense of desire and their appreciation of your brand’s sophistication and elegance are key.  

Using the finest quality, bespoke tissue to wrap your jewellery means the unwrapping process becomes part of the joy your customer will remember.  

Unwrapping your jewellery becomes an enduring moment in time – your brand and unique identity enhanced and never forgotten.

How Bespoke Printed Tissue Increases Your Brand Exposure

At Impact Tissue, we understand how important those first impressions are.

Whether you’ve poured hours of love and work into creating bespoke pieces of jewellery, or spent time carefully selecting pieces from the world’s finest suppliers – the moment your customer unwraps their item is vital.

You want them to love their new jewellery and you want them to remember your brand.

Your packaging, in particular, the way your product is wrapped, is a crucial component in establishing your brand.

Luxury, elegance and sophistication are all experienced based on our perceptions.

What better way to enhance both your product and your brand than to use bespoke printed tissue?

Our bespoke printed tissue ensures your brand is seen seconds before the customer holds your jewellery in their hand creating the ultimate branding experience. There is little more powerful in the world of branding than being seen seconds before the customer experiences pure happiness.

Impact work with you to craft an unforgettable customer experience.

Our years of experience, teamed with your passion for your business and the jewellery you sell, combine to create the perfect tissue.

As your customer unwraps their jewellery, you have their undivided attention.  Let us help you ensure this is a moment that positions your brand and product above others.

Emphasising the quality and value of your brand is Impact Tissue’s mission.  To achieve this, we use materials of the highest ethical and quality standards.  Our unique production process combines up to 70 colour shades when printing onto our crisp, acid-free tissue.

As well as offering the practicality of protecting your jewellery, our bespoke tissue reinforces the customer’s perception of benefit.  Impact Tissue understands that this creates happy customers who will return to you again and again.

Making The Customer Journey One To Remember

You provide the luxury jewellery and you know that you have an appreciative audience, but can you be sure that you’re offering the full experience right now?

Acquiring new jewellery is a journey for each customer, a series of important moments, from falling in love with the item to the culmination of the experience – the unwrapping.

The founder of Impact Tissue, James Jarrad, has over 40 years experience in the niche area of bespoke tissue design and printing.

James has an enduring passion for creating the finest tissue paper, a passion that shines through.  This finishing touch ensures your customers have the very best and fullest experience when acquiring your jewellery – an experience they’ll remember forever.

James is available to offer you the benefit of his expertise, helping you to position your jewellery to ensure maximum customer satisfaction using bespoke, branded tissue paper.

Maybe you already have some ideas of your own, or perhaps you need advice on the most effective ways to use tissue.

Whatever your needs are, James’ meticulous attention to detail and unique approach to your business image can help you to achieve your aims.

James is able to offer consultation in order to show you exactly how branded tissue can add value to your jewellery and take your customer’s experience to a new, higher level.

Using bespoke tissue can help you maximise your brand in ways you never thought possible.  James is able to guide you every step of the way.  Creating your unique branded tissue is simple and effective with James Jarrad’s expertise and finely honed market insight.

Your Jewellery, Your Image

Jewellery is your passion.

You know what your customers love to purchase and you know what excites them.  Happy customers return to you in the future – great for them and fantastic for your business.

Jewellery is an industry built on the perception of value and sophistication.  Image really is everything.

It’s something that can mark you out as exceptional.

By understanding the importance of each piece of jewellery’s journey into the hands of a satisfied customer, you can enhance the key moments involved in the experience.

This is key to establishing and nurturing your brand and guaranteeing your future success.

Making Memories

Making the best memories is a skill that requires insight and planning.  At Impact Tissue, we pride ourselves on our ability to create an unforgettable unwrapping experience for each one of your customers.  Adding the final piece to the complex puzzle forming your customer’s journey is our expertise.

Years of experience, research and testing have equipped us with unbeatable market knowledge and awareness of the psychological green lights enhancing brand identity and perception of value.

By working with Impact Tissue, you’ll receive all the benefit of our experience and knowledge.  We’ll work with your unique business to represent your jewellery to the highest possible standards.


Are you using branded tissue right now? If so how does the tissue feel in your hand? Does your logo stand out?

Branded printed tissue is a tangible way to show you care about your product. It shows that what you have created is special, that it was made with care and precision and deserves to be treated with respect and love.

Talk to us and find out exactly how we can help you get your jewellery the attention it deserves.

Thanks for reading.