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Greener and cleaner? Discover the benefits of soy-based ink

Alternative solutions can very often bring added benefits and this is true of soy-based ink.

Developed amid an oil shortage in the United States in the 1970s, which posed a problem for traditional petroleum-based ink, soy-based ink has since become widely used.

Now, as more and more companies look to reaffirm their environmental credentials, there is a renewed interest in soy-based ink and the benefits it can bring to the printing and packaging industry.

Finding a greener packaging solution

The reduction of waste and the hazardous by-products of manufacturing has become a major, and increasingly urgent, priority in recent years.

As well as genuinely taking action to reduce the harm that manufacturing and waste do to the environment, good company ethics are vital to company image and perception.

Packaging, in particular, has fallen under the spotlight due to the waste that can be generated, with calls for less packaging to be used where possible, an increase in the use of renewable materials and a greater need for recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

Is soy ink a sustainable printing resource?

The green credentials of using soy ink in tissue paper packaging are numerous.

As it is plant-based, the soy oil that is used as a base for the ink is from a renewable source, it also contains fewer toxins.

This has benefits in both the environments where it is used and in recycling as the product should be easier to break down and separate from the paper – and release fewer toxins.

Due to soy oil, which forms the base of soy ink, being clearer it reacts well to the added colour pigments and far less ink is needed during the printing process.

While soya bean farming has been linked to deforestation measures have been taken to address this and research can ensure the provenance of soy used in inks if needed.

Why chose soy ink?

As well as offering a greener solution for printing, soy ink can also help to achieve richer, brighter colours more easily.

This makes it ideal for use in paper packaging filled with designs and logos as it will help to make the designs standout.

As soy ink has a longer drying time it has been more commonly used in more porous paper products – and has been widely used in the newspaper industry.

With tissue paper being naturally porous, soy ink should be a natural fit, especially in bespoke printed tissue paper where the bright colours it achieves will help designs to make a statement.

Using bespoke printed tissue paper packaging is a way to send a very precise message about your brand – that is one of quality.

Send a message with bespoke printed tissue paper packaging

Bespoke printed tissue paper packaging finished with soy ink can also help your brand to send a message that it cares about the environmental impact of its choices.

Light, minimalist packaging bearing the bright colours of your logo will help you to get a message out to your customers and potential new clients that you really do care.

Talk to us about the benefits of soy-based ink

Impact Tissue provides bespoke printed tissue paper packaging for large and small orders, offering a wide range of paper choices and finishes. We are making investments to improve our green credentials and as a result soy-based inks are coming to our print room very soon!

To discuss how Impact Tissue can help you to create the perfect tissue paper packaging for your brand get in touch.