water-based ink

How water-based ink offers a sustainable packaging solution

Values are important to customers and an eco-conscious approach needs to extend beyond the product and onto the packaging, which makes water-based ink ideal when it comes to commercial printing.

There may be more to your packaging than you think – have you considered the materials used and the disposal process? Green-minded customers will have.

And as eco-awareness continues to rise, particularly regarding the use of single-use plastics and waste in general, your choice of packaging could help to influence customers.

Tissue paper is a great solution in that it is lightweight, easy to dispose of and looks good; but its eco-credentials can extend beyond that with a careful choice of ink.

Water-based inks allow tissue paper packaging to be a good eco-conscious packaging solution.

What are water-based inks?

Printing has often relied on inks that have a plastic component to help improve shelf-life and stability, but soy-based inks and water-based inks offer an alternative to that.

For companies looking to use sustainable, plastic-free prints in their products and packaging, water-based inks are a great choice.

Made with natural, sustainable materials, water-based inks offer an ethically minded solution to attractive, efficient tissue paper packaging.

While traditional printing inks often contain phthalates, water-based printing inks are plastic-free. This makes it ideal for wrapping items that are marketed as being plastic-free, such as toys, cosmetics, and even clothing.

Aside from the contents and make-up of traditional inks, water-based inks also do not rely to the same extent on chemical-heavy solvents to set as the water-based inks are lighter, making them easy to absorb as the pigment is essentially suspended in the paper.

As consumer focus has shifted towards developing more sustainable products and packaging, more investment has seen a new generation of water-based inks developed that make them easier to use and more robust.

In turn, this has increased their availability and made the production of more environmentally friendly packaging possible.

What are the benefits of using water-based ink in tissue paper?

The main benefit of using water-based ink in tissue paper printing is that it is plastic-free and allows packaging to be greener.

Beyond that though, water-based inks can create excellent colours to allow your branding to look fantastic and can improve print quality.

The lightness of water-based ink also complements the delicate nature of tissue paper, helping to create a smooth, satin-like finish.

The opacity of water-based ink also allows for effective overprinting to accommodate all design specifications.

Delivering a vibrant colour while also helping to support your eco-credentials, water-based ink printed tissue paper will help to keep your company’s packaging on message while looking fantastic.

Bespoke tissue paper packaging

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