Impact Tissue | recycled branded tissue paper

Enjoy sustainable luxury with 100% recycled branded tissue paper

Impact Tissue now offers 100 per cent recycled tissue to create bespoke, branded packaging.

Image and added value are essential to nurturing a brand – and sustainability has become more important than ever.

Ideal for environmentally-conscious businesses and products, Impact Tissue’s customised tissue printing allows you to create bespoke, sustainable packaging that is branded with your logo.

From both an ethical standpoint and to meet customer demand for more eco-friendly products and packaging, choosing recycled tissue wrapping makes sense.

Making a commitment to operate in a more sustainable way does not mean having to make compromises – it just means finding an alternative way.

A sustainable packaging solution to businesses and consumers

Cutting down on waste has got to be a primary objective for industries across the board to help tackle problems facing the planet.

This heightened awareness about making more environmentally sound choices will also continue to impact customer choice. More and more consumers are appalled by excess packaging and waste. Making the right choices will help to secure brand loyalty as well as help in the fight for a more sustainable future.

Tissue paper is lightweight, compostable and effective packaging. Now with the availability of 100 per cent recycled tissue paper it is also actively helping to repurpose waste.

Adding value both ethically and through a luxury, branded finish bespoke tissue paper packaging – made from 100 per cent recycled materials – offers the best of both worlds; a product that looks good and is packaged sustainably.

Send the message you care with recycled customised tissue paper

Printed with your bespoke design, company name or logo, 100 per cent recycled customised tissue paper will help to promote your product through increased visibility and by nurturing customer loyalty.

With more than 100 colours available, this 18gsm, food grade delicate tissue packaging is ideal for:

  • Gifts
  • Jewellery
  • Glass products
  • Ceramics
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Artwork

Available in limited runs for one-off promotions or as a regular order to offer a classic finish for your product, the 100 per cent recycled tissue paper can be printed to your design.

Looking to print your logo onto recycled branded tissue paper?

To discuss using customised printed tissue wrapping at your business – and for more information on Impact Tissue’s 100 per cent recycled paper please get in touch.