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22 Amazing Tissue Paper Craft Ideas For Any Home or Business

In case you missed it, here at Impact Tissue we are obsessed with all things tissue paper. From bespoke tissue paper printing to helping products to stand out with tissue paper.

We love tissue!

And in this article, we decided to bring together a full range of things you can create using good old tissue paper.

The Benefits of Using Tissue Paper

Now before we get into the craft ideas let us be clear, tissue paper is a great way to make a home or business shine, but why?

Tissue paper is delicate, tissue requires care, and tissue paper shows you pay attention to detail. Whenever a business or home has tissue paper craft within its interior, it shows that someone poured careful thought into even the most minute details of a business.

Let me share a classic example;

The other week I was out on a family holiday, and we visited a seaside town. Much like any seaside town, this one had an array of craft shops that sold gifts that were very similar.

All the shops sold the same ceramic love hearts with poems and words of wisdom written on them, they all sold nice wine glasses, T-shirts and even sticks of rock.

But as we were walking around I noticed a store that stood out. It was a small store that had a beautiful window display.

This window display was small, but every detail from the lighting to the products displayed showed warmth, care and above all it enticed me into the shop.

Now I won’t lie, one of the reasons it all looked so great was the use of tissue paper.

The fine plates, wine glasses and china cups all sat on beautifully placed tissue paper. It showed care, it showed ingenuity, and it also showed off the products.

So I went into the shop, and we were met with warmth; the shop was cosy, it had a lovely feel to it and the staff were very helpful.

But as my partner decided to buy a handmade coffee mug, when we took it to the till I was met with even more attention to detail.

Surrounding the desk was a range of things made with tissue paper (which inspired this article). She had a stunning bouquet of tissue flowers which looked perfect and hanging behind them was a range of tissue paper butterflies.

It looked lovely.

Then I noticed that they wrapped the goods so carefully and with such delicate precision it was almost an art form, and then it hit me, the reason why we had shopped here and not in the other 20 stores.

It was because they cared.

It might not have been something they said, but it was communicated with their approach, their work and their presentation. They cared about the products, they were clearly art and craft lovers, and it made our purchasing decision easier.

Making stunning craft displays out of tissue paper shows that you took your time, it shows that you think ‘out of the box’ and it shows you love art and craft.

And people tend to buy from those they consider experts in their field.

Now, these paper crafts we have listed below are great for any home or business. They work well in the lounge, the daughter’s bedroom or anywhere in a business, especially if that business is an art or craft one.

So enjoy the videos and please share to anyone who you feel would love this post.

1.Tissue Paper Clouds

Tissue paper clouds are an incredible way to bring imagination into your home.

They are great for window displays or a child’s bedroom, and they work well for shops and homes.

They are actually quite easy to make and fun too

2. How To Make Roses From Tissue

A Rose by any other name would still be a rose, or so they say.

A tissue rose might not work well as a Valentine’s present, but they work very well in shops and bedrooms.

The great thing about creating a rose from tissue is that you can create something that is beautiful and realistic. They are clearly not real but look super cool.

3. Tissue Paper Dolls

Tissue paper dolls are a great thing to make with your daughter on a rainy day and add them to their room. Why? Because it will be something that will stand out as a memory in this tech-filled’ world we live in.

It will remind them of that time you all put away your phones, Ipads and switched off Netflix and created something lovely together.

A business might use them to draw attention to a display.

4. Tissue Paper Wall Decor

Now, this is an incredible use of Tissue Paper that really stands out.

Every business or bedroom wall can look that much better with a great tissue paper wall decor. It is a low cost and genius way to have your business or personal name up on the wall.

5. Tissue Paper Flower Birthday Numbers

Pretty obvious this one, but it really shows you care. Having a tissue paper birthday number can be a way to amaze a young child on that special day.

6. Tissue Paper Butterflies


One of my favourite ways to use tissue paper.

This is a great way to make any business or bedroom shine, and tissue paper butterflies can be used to highlight fine goods, hotels or garden centres.

They are also great for school classrooms.

7. Tissue Paper Wreath

A wreath is something that stands out and this unique one made from tissue paper is both stunning and classy.

Wreaths have a long history of use and are signs of the harvest, Christmas and of course the loss of loved ones.

8. Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Not going to overdo this one but the pom pom is a classic way to use Tissue Paper and has a range of decoration uses.

9.Lavender Tissue Paper Flowers

More paper that ’tissue paper’ but this example of lavender flowers needed to go into our lost because it just stands out.

Using displays that are unusual can really attract eyes onto your products.

10. Tissue Paper Ballerina

The tissue ballerinas are simply divine.

They look classy, delicate yet vulnerable much like a ballerina and they are going to catch the eye of any boutique shopper or add something unusual to a child’s bedroom.

11. Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Every business premises has that ‘room’. The one that you store things in, the one that you don’t want people to see into and the one that you wish wasn’t there.

Most homes have one too!

Stained glass tissue is an attractive way to make the tissue paper hide the room, and if you use branded tissue paper (which we do), it is a low-cost way to make a dreary room stand out for your business.

12. Tissue Paper Bird of Paradise

This is just one of those things you can do with a paper napkin that makes you stand out during any lunch break. The kids will love it your clients will think you are ‘very arty’ and you will feel super cool too!

13. Tissue Paper Dolls Dress


Now, this is a Dad or mums dream come true.

A way that costs virtually nothing to impress your daughter with her very own handmade dolls dress.

Parents will suddenly feel like they are the presenter of ‘Art Attack’ and kids will be in awe of your handy work, and yes Barbie and Ken will get married 15 minutes later!

14. Tissue Paper Suncatcher

The glorious suncatcher is a great way to make any shop shine or a kids bedroom glow.

Simply to make and easy to apply. You will be surprised at just how effective this can be.

15. Tissue Paper Flower Bowl

The Tissue paper bowl can be home to your business cards or car keys.

Every home and business needs a ‘bowl’ to put those little bits in, such as keys, memory cards or paperclips. By adding tissue paper you make your art and craft skills stand out.

16. Tissue Paper Heart Necklace

Now you can let your imagination run wild with this because a tissue paper necklace might sound a bit crazy but who is going to stand out? The shop owner whose staff have name tags or those wearing tissue paper necklaces?

If you run a small shop why not use these necklaces as your name badges, it makes you easily identifiable and shows the fun side of your business.

If you have kids, they are a great craft idea for rainy days. Make your daughter a magic heart necklace and your son a space power necklace that shields him from laser fire (told you to let your imagination run wild).

17. Tissue Paper Lanterns

I don’t think tissue paper lanterns need much introduction, but they can make any space cosy, add depth and just show you are different.

18. Tissue Paper Tassel Garland


The tissue paper garland can add some ‘wow’ factor at a low cost during special occasions. It looks far classier than tinsel in the office and is cheap (yet effective).

19. Tissue Paper Room Decor Ideas

We had to add this video because it really stands out because it is packed with ideas to decorate a room.

You will find some useful inspiration here and I highly recommend you watch the video.

20. Giant Tissue Paper Roses

The Giant Tissue paper Rose/ flower is simply brilliant and it will catch the attention of any person in a room.

I can see this used for clothing shops, craft stores or a child’s bedroom.

It really adds something unique to any location for a low cost.

21. Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath

This unusual take on the Christmas Wreath adds that lovely ‘handmade’ touch to any office door.

With some imagination, you could quickly make this far more impressive.

22.Tissue Paper Stained Glass Candle Holder

Everyone loves candles, and this holder really stands out.

A candle gives you a sense of warmth and is great as winter approaches.


So there you have it 22 amazing ways you can use tissue paper to spice up your home or business.

Tissue paper has the power to give you a wow factor, not because it costs a lot of money, entirely the opposite.

The wow factors comes because tissue shows you care.

Tissue is delicate and if you want to show your ‘arty side’ you will find no better solution than tissue paper.