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Could bespoke tissue paper help to increase product sales?

Luxury has many hallmarks but often it is the simplest attention to detail that makes all the difference, such as a product being wrapped in bespoke tissue paper.

When sending a signal of quality, subtle touches send a major message and there is a delicate beauty in wrapping a fine product in a layer of bespoke tissue paper that seals in that idea of quality.

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bespoke tissue paper | Impact Tissue

Packaging a luxury experience

Packaging is the customer’s visual connection to a product and a well-packaged product is more likely to grab the attention of shoppers – and convert into a sale.

Customers are increasingly seeking – and swayed by – experiential marketing, which allows them to identify with and remain loyal to a brand. Impact Tissue has developed a business model around supporting luxury goods retailers and creating bespoke tissue paper designs to add real value.

All components of the sales and marketing process are important to savvy shoppers seeking a better shopping experience, which includes presentation. Shoppers are drawn to a bespoke experience that appeals to them as an individual.

Let bespoke tissue paper carry the message home

That brand connection is something that is certainly worth promoting and nurturing. Adding a layer of bespoke tissue paper bearing the name of your brand takes that experience further as customers carry it home with them and look forward to unwrapping their quality product.

This also serves to imprint your brand in their mind, making customers more likely to consider you for future purchases or recommendation.

More importantly, an attractively packaged product is more likely to be chosen as a gift – and being a go-to choice for gift purchases is an enviable position to be in.

When choosing a gift customers look for touches of luxury and presentation is a major draw, which makes wrapping a product that makes an ideal gift in bespoke tissue paper a wise choice.

While adding a layer of bespoke tissue paper to a product may push the cost of packaging up slightly, being seen to offer a quality product will draw more custom and, importantly, more repeat purchases.

Encourage customers to see your brand as a quality product that is worth returning to time and time again by wrapping it in bespoke tissue paper that will keep your brand in mind

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bespoke tissue paper | Impact Tissue