bespoke printed christmas paper - christmas ribbon

Wow Christmas customers with bespoke printed tissue paper

Shoppers always demand that little extra when it comes to Christmas gifts and bespoke printed tissue paper adds the pizzazz that makes a sale extra special.

The saying ‘the devil is in the details’ is very much the case when it comes to giftware.

People want to feel that they are getting their loved ones something that is extra special in the way it looks, feels and is presented.

Choosing to use bespoke printed tissue paper to wrap up Christmas giftware helpfully ticks all those boxes.

Bespoke printed tissue paper looks great as it conveys an attention to detail and gives an aura of luxury, its smooth yet crisp texture is a sensory joy, while also being a practical packaging solution that looks fantastic.

bespoke printed tissue paper - christmas ribbon

Send the right message with bespoke printed tissue paper

If there is ever a time of year to consider introducing bespoke printed tissue paper, Christmas is it. As well as bringing added luxury to your product and luring in gift-buyers, the nature of gift-giving will allow your choice of packaging to help spread the word.

This is where the subtle difference between plain packaging and bespoke printed tissue paper comes into play to great effect.

Many buyers will choose to leave a product wrapped in the tissue paper that they bought it in, firstly because it does represent a quality item and sends this message loud and clear.

Secondly, it saves them wrapping the gift again – after all if it looks so good why would you?

This is great news for your brand as you enjoy additional exposure from presents left lying under the tree wrapped in your bespoke printed tissue paper – and when the lucky recipients unwrap any outer layers that might have been added.

Bespoke printed tissue paper will announce the brand name loud and clear allowing recipients who love the gift to know, and remember, exactly where it came from. Hopefully, they will share the message and make a purchase themselves.

bespoke printed tissue paper - christmas ribbon

Make Christmas giftware extra special

All products that make an ideal Christmas gift would benefit from the added wow factor of using bespoke printed tissue paper for packaging.

Due to its delicate nature tissue paper is ideal for wrapping up finer items that might damage easily by providing a neat protective layer.

In particular bespoke printed tissue paper makes a great choice of packaging for:

  • Jewellery
  • Ceramics
  • Glassware
  • Clothing
  • Picture frames
  • Paintings
  • Wooden toys
  • Christmas decorations

Don’t sell your product short this Christmas, choose a finish that will add a last touch of luxury – and make its delivery memorable.

For more information on ordering bespoke printed tissue paper for your Christmas giftware please get in touch.