Metallic gold and black printed tissue paper

Offer a luxury packaging option with branded tissue paper

To meet the expectations of brands packaging companies need to offer a wide spectrum of packaging solutions and branded tissue paper is a compelling choice for products looking to make an impact.

While the protection and safe delivery of goods is the first concern of packaging companies and their clients, the customer experience also needs to remain a priority.

This is where branded tissue paper comes into its own. If a brand is looking to make a signature mark with the delivery of a product, branded packaging will let them do that.

Adding bespoke printed tissue as a final layer of packaging brings a touch of luxury and quality that other materials cannot match.


Branded tissue paper sends a message of quality

By offering customers the additional choice of branded tissue paper as a packaging solution they can send a message of quality and attention to detail by adding their logo or brand name.

As well as looking great branded tissue paper is ideal for more delicate items as the acid free paper will not cause discolouration to items such as jewellery. Such finely finished products will benefit from the delicate feel of the paper and the extra protection it affords during the delivery process.

Not only will offering personalised branded tissue paper help to nurture brand loyalty with your packaging company, it also encourages customers to remain loyal by the perceived addition of value for money in the quality finish.


A personalised packaging solution

Branded tissue paper can be personalised to any brand, company or individual and made to include logos or latest product details.

Impact Tissue offers a bespoke service that is ideal for short runs or limited release items – as well as being a reliable high quality supplier of repeat orders.

Packaging companies will be guaranteed a high level of support in placing orders, which is invaluable when dealing with design specifications.


Support where you need it

Impact Tissue prides itself on offering a highly personalised service and will be on hand to offer technical and creative advice as well as answer any questions that might arise.

Impact Tissue uses traditional silkscreen printing methods to achieve a high quality and vivid finish that enhances the sharpness of the design. Each ream of tissue paper holds 480 sheets that can be made in different weights, colours and finishes.

Offer your customers a packaging solution that delivers exclusivity and the personal touch with branded tissue paper that exceeds their expectations and their customers’ expectations.

Packaging companies interested in adding branded tissue paper to their logistics solutions are invited to get in touch with Impact Tissue to find out more.